Progesys is a leader in the commissioning of industrial plants, project management and specialized engineering services. Our know-how, integrity and leadership are valued by clients worldwide. Since 2002, we have been based in Laval (Canada) and now have offices in the USA, Middle East (UAE and Oman) as well as in Asia (Malaysia and Indonesia). We are proud of our outstanding safety record of zero accidents and our long-lasting relationship with industry leaders.



A decade of excellence working for industry leaders

Whether it’s a capital project or a portfolio of sustaining projects, the challenges to deliver quality work in time and within budget are big. See how Progesys can help you.

  • Proven expertise in Mining and Metallurgy
  • Mobile workforce
  • Industry leader in the commissioning of mining installations
  • World class project management tools and practices for better control and decision making


Specialized services and experts in Quebec and the Middle-East

The aluminum market is making the profitability of Aluminum smelters difficult. In this challenging environment, see how Progesys can provide efficient solutions for production problems and bottlenecks and reduce cost:

  • Custom designed solutions by industry experts
  • Analysis of cause for hindered productivity
  • Out of the box solutions for management
  • Operation and maintenance excellence and best practices

Oil & Gas

An array of services for the industry and specialized know-how for tanks and terminals

Owners, operators and service companies are experiencing an increasingly competitive market. See how Progesys can be one of your competitive advantages:

  • Recognized industry process and engineering experts
  • Innovative tools for cost effective solutions
  • Specialty services: Tanks, Integrity projects
  • PM tools and practices for efficient project control

Hydro Power

Unique expertise for the engineering and fabrication supervision of mechanical equipment

The hydro power industry is experiencing a revival all over the world. New projects are multiplying in Asia, Africa and South America. See how Progesys can contribute to the success of hydro projects:

  • Design and fabrication of all hydro projects static mechanical equipment
  • Proximity to projects with offices in Dubai and Malaysia
  • Experts with more than 25 years’ experience in Hydro industry and the design and fabrication of mechanical equipment

Progesys Industrial Consulting